Physio Fitness

Health Profession: Physiotherapist, Osteoarthritis Specialist

The purpose of Physio Fitness has always been to help keep patients healthy, active and enjoying the sports and activities that they love. The clinic offers a ‘hands-on’ approach to physiotherapy, feeling how the joints and muscles are moving and why they are causing an issue. They combine traditional physiotherapy techniques, such as soft-tissue massage and joint mobilisation with the latest medical technological devices including MBST, K-laser, shockwave therapy and cryotherapy units.

Additional Services:

Physio Fitness also offers a gym, Alter G, K Laser, shockwave, rehab studio, pilates and yoga.

Swallow Barn, Parley Green Lane,
BH23 6BB

01202 611 244

MBST Devices

Physio Fitness has the following MBST devices at its premises:
Arthro Spin Flex

MBST treatment bed for shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, double-knee

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