MBST Treatable Conditions

MBST therapy is used by health professionals worldwide to effectively treat numerous conditions, afflictions, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system

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Most Common Conditions

that MBST therapy can treat


By directly targeting the cause of Osteoarthritis, MBST counteracts cartilage degeneration and triggers the body’s natural repair mechanisms & regeneration processes.


MBST stimulates specific cells at a molecular level, encouraging bone tissue cells to regenerate more quickly, which helps to rebuild bone density and reduce brittleness.

Treating Pain

MBST technology works on the physical principle of magnetic resonance, stimulating various biophysical processes and triggering anti-inflammatory & pain-relieving effects.

Spinal Disorders
& Back Pain

MBST reduces pain & improves mobility by increasing the metabolism of the intervertebral discs and re-triggering the body’s repair mechanisms & regeneration processes.

Sports & Accident

MBST targets specific cells and stimulates them into regrowth, providing active cell regeneration when the body’s self-regeneration ability is impaired due to injury.


MBST is used alongside physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and sports therapy to facilitate the rehabilitation process that follows major or minor surgery.

Tissue-Specific Treatments

The Magnetic Resonance System

MBST is a clinically proven, comfortable and non-invasive treatment that has proven increasingly effective for many debilitating conditions and often prevents the need for surgery and long-term medication.

MBST therapy has a tissue-specific approach, meaning the magnetic resonance treatment of each condition is unique to the type of tissue being targeted, such as cartilage tissue, osseous structures, intervertebral discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves.

A correct diagnosis and definition of the condition are essential for successful MBST therapy because the condition determines the targeted tissue.

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