Evidence Hub: Case Studies

MBST technology has helped thousands of people on their path to recovery, from patients of all ages to amateur and professional athletes. Whatever musculoskeletal issue you suffer from, there is a good chance we MBST can help you.

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Case Studies

The following case studies are some samples from thousands of patients around the UK successfully treated by MBST® technology.

An end to years of crippling pain

After suffering years of neck pain, lower back problems, and hand injuries following his sporting career, Johnny underwent MBST therapy and has seen the life-changing benefits of the treatment.

Living a more normal life thanks to MBST

In 1963, on her first day at The Royal College of Music, Fran fell down a flight of stairs, which was the start of decades of spinal problems. These problems were later exacerbated throughout her nursing career.

Recovery time reduced by 75%

Lee really ‘threw his back out’ in a particularly competitive downhill go-kart race. It became increasingly painful, very quickly, so much so that Lee could barely move for weeks after the incident.

Pro athlete returns to sport, pain-free

When I first heard of the MBST treatment, I was unsure of how it could help me to get back to playing football and heal the wear and tear to my knee. However, I took the leap of faith to try to prevent surgery.

MBST therapy : a pinnacle moment

Steve spent most of his life suffering from aches and pains after a car accident in his childhood damaged his ankle. Even climbing the stairs meant reaching for painkillers and “learning to live with the pain”.

Triathlete avoids surgery

After sustaining an injury in the gym to her ankle in May 2018, Clare experienced immediate pain and swelling and was unable to bear weight on it. She knew she had done some serious damage.

The Solution to Hip Pain and Weakness

Salli Deighton, a 64-year-old retired medical representative, had been suffering from pain, weakness, and decreasing mobility in her right hip since August 2022.

Relief for Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica

Judith Henstock, a retiree from Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, suffered from chronic lower back pain and L3 sciatica caused by her high blood sugar diabetes.

Overcoming Multiple Surgeries & Trauma

Simon faced a life-altering challenge after a cycling-related road accident left him with 10 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and other significant injuries.


The rates of success are determined by the results of scientific studies, score sheets and feedback from both patients and healthcare professionals using MBST therapy in their practices. A form of therapy can be deemed successful when the patient experiences a definite improvement in their condition in regards to pain, mobility, walking distances and other such factors; when the attending healthcare professional evaluates the healing process or the condition of the patient as successful or notably fast; when improvement can be determined by measurable data (for example bone density measurements or MRI scans). MBST serves as a tool for experienced healthcare professionals. To get the best outcome from the therapy, patients must adhere to the instructions given by their healthcare professional at all times. Like any medical procedure or therapy, there is no guarantee that MBST will be 100% successful for everybody. The global success rate is 80%. Claims made on this website are supported by scientific data and studies (including peer-reviewed journals). To read the full peer-reviewed journals and other published studies, please email charles@cell-regeneration.co.uk