How MBST Works

The multi-patented technology uses Magnetic Resonance Therapy to communicate with damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle cells and encourages them to repair and regrow.

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Stimulating the Regenerative Processes

Treatment from the inside out

MBST® therapy targets the cause of degenerative diseases. In treating injuries and other indications, MBST is used for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects and to actively accelerate healing processes. It is also an optimal supplement in post-surgical, post-in-patient and rehabilitation accompanying treatment strategies for all aspects of the musculoskeletal system.

By invigorating the damaged cells at a molecular level, Magnetic Resonance Therapy stimulates the regeneration of the impaired cells, triggering the bodys natural healing process and reducing pain and immobility.

The Core Principal

Regenerating damaged cells

The principle of MBST technology is based on the use of nuclear resonance and electromagnetic fields, originally used for MRI diagnosis. Unlike MRI, MBST cell regeneration does not use magnetic resonance to generate images but to biophysically stimulate the regenerative processes of specific cells or tissues at a molecular level.

Cell metabolism forms the basis of all activities in the body. Everything is purposefully processed, converted and finally broken down to produce energy. Among other things, this energy is used for the creation and regeneration of body and cell components. Cells can no longer achieve this if they lack the necessary energy or if the metabolism is interrupted. As a result, degenerative diseases develop.

This is where magnetic resonance can be applied successfully. MBST cell regeneration sequences have been developed to direct energy into specific cells in a targeted manner. This energy transfer can reactivate disturbed regeneration processes and the body’s self-repair mechanisms.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Why MBST works

Hydrogen is the most common element in the body and the most sensitive to magnetic resonance. The body is constantly metabolising, using large amounts of energy. Every vital process in the body requires energy, including forming, preserving and repairing cartilage, tissue and bone.

When the cells lack energy, the body’s natural repair mechanisms can no longer perform, and degradation occurs. In cells that are healthy and full of energy, repair and regeneration occur naturally. Magnetic Resonance Therapy stimulates the body’s cells to trigger the natural repair and regeneration processes, which directly tackle the cause of osteoarthritis, back pain, sports injury or a range of treatable conditions.

The MBST Process

Harnessing the Larmor Equation

MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy is a relaxing and non-invasive treatment.

During therapy, three separate magnetic fields influence specific cells within the tissue that cause the condition. The MBST device directs energy into the hydrogen protons within the damaged area. This energy is then released by the protons and absorbed by the damaged cells.

The specific frequency that the cells resonate at is determined using the Larmor Equation, so the energy released by the MBST device operates at that same frequency. Only the damaged cells absorb the energy, triggering and influencing the natural metabolism of your impaired cells. At the same time, the MBST magnetic resonance also triggers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

No Surgery

No Medication

No Injections

No I.V. Infusions

No Painkillers

The MBST System

Magnetic Resonance Therapy is the most specific non-invasive treatment process available. The MBST system is composed of the MBST therapy devices and condition-specific MBST therapy cards. The therapy card is selected according to a medical diagnosis, so patient-specific treatment data is stored on the card and transferred to the control module once inserted into the therapy device.

MBST Treatment card options available:
Nerves, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles, bone, post-surgery, spinal discs, wound healing

It is important for the patient to be aware that there are two key benefits of MBST treatment.
The tip of the iceberg is that MBST will treat the symptoms of your condition, such as pain, inflammation and loss of function. However, the largest and often unseen part of the iceberg is that MBST slows down the rate at which your joints, discs, bone and even nerves wear out. This will lead to increased longevity and improve your quality of life.
– Ian Andrews, Chartered Physiotherapist – Oakwood Physiotherapy

MBST Therapy Session & Duration

The patient is positioned comfortably in the treatment field, and the therapy session is started.

During treatment, the device establishes magnetic resonance conditions with the affected tissue, transmitting energy to the targeted area using the MBST therapy sequence.

Each therapy session lasts for 60 minutes, during which time two regeneration phases and one pain reduction phase are applied. During this time, the patient can stay unattended and listen to music, read or even sleep.

The duration of the therapy depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the disease or injury. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 therapy sessions per treatment block are recommended.

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