Finally Ending Years of Debilitating Daily Pain

Steve Coultas, 58

Rutland, UK

Steve Coultas has spent most of his life suffering from aches and pains after a car accident in his childhood damaged his ankle and forced him into major surgery. Even daily tasks like climbing the stairs often meant reaching for painkillers and learning to live with a life of severe discomfort”.

Working long, physical hours in a government service job for the past 25 years has meant the old injury eventually became impossible to ignore. What was once a niggle became intense daily discomfort, and at 40 years old Steve found himself becoming reliant on painkillers to simply function, masking what was becoming unbearable. However, soon even this wasnt enough, and the hard-working nature of Steves job meant he looked for an alternative, including annual intrusive cortisone injections.

In 2011, Steve underwent keyhole surgery on his ankle. Initially, the surgery helped to alleviate his suffering, but it took time to settle, and Steve still never felt pain-free. Seeking more answers, Steve was devastated to be told by medical professionals that he would need to give up playing the sports that he loved, which included golf, walking and weight lifting, or he could end up facing years of continued severe discomfort.

I have been a keen sportsman all my life, and played golf for over 30 years. My ankle has steadily deteriorated over the past 15 years to the point that I needed a minor operation to clean out the joints, but this didnt really work. After that, I relied on painkillers and annual cortisone injections and accepted this was just how it would be.

After attending a consultation in January 2022 with physiotherapist Ann Clare at the Cell Regeneration clinic in Rutland, Steve found the painkiller-free solution he had been searching for, and an end to his debilitating daily pain.

I went to see Ann for an elbow issue, and we started to talk about MBST. It was very quickly that Ann realised MBST would be able to help the ankle injury that I had suffered and barely coped with for years. After completing only a couple of sessions, the pain was significantly reduced, and I can honestly say I was amazed. I tell all my friends and family about this treatment because you really have to try it to believe it.

After spending the majority of his life learning to live with intense pain, MBST therapy has been a pinnacle moment for Steve. He shared:

For me, it has been a life-changer. I have an almost pain-free joint. My mental health has improved because I dont have to compromise my activities now, and the knock-on effect of not being in pain is wonderful.

Pain-free life for Steve has meant he can continue his love of golf, walking, climbing and gym circuit training; all activities he was previously being pushed to give up.

He added:

To not have to think about pain management on a day-to-day basis has honestly made the world of difference to my quality of life. Knowing that I dont need to be reliant on any medication anymore with an ankle that feels like new is a great feeling. The pain has gone from being a seven or eight out of ten to a one or a zero. Im now considering heading back to long-distance running and Im really looking forward to getting back into weight training, which I never thought would be possible.

Ann Clare, Lead Physiotherapist, MBST Medical UK, Rutland said:

Finding an effective alternative option to relieve pain in a non-surgical setting has never been more important. Steve was facing the reality that many active people fear. Its difficult to enjoy life when you have become reliant on painkillers and cortisone injections to alleviate daily pain as a result of a long-term injury. As an innovative and non-invasive treatment, MBST has helped Steve to reduce his discomfort and improve the function of the ligaments and cartilage in his ankle. Due to Steves active role at work with little to no downtime, the treatment is convenient and has helped to significantly reduce Steves pain but also allowed him to carry on living an active life.

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