The Solution to Salli’s Hip Pain and Weakness

Salli Deighton, 64

Derby, UK

Salli Deighton, a 64-year-old retired medical representative, had been suffering from pain, weakness, and decreasing mobility in her right hip since August 2022. After having multiple physiotherapy sessions and trying various pain medications with no significant improvement and a steroid injection into her hip joint that didn’t help either, Salli was referred for an X-ray in December, which showed a narrowing of joint space and changes that indicated osteoarthritis (OA).

“Having had horses and ridden them all my life, it was becoming harder to do everything I needed to do with them, being able to comfortably walk my dog, looking after my small holding and the rescued animals I take on.”

Having worked in the medical community, particularly in orthopaedics, Salli had heard about MBST (Molecular Biophysics Stimulation Therapy) and researched the treatment before deciding to try it for her hip condition.

The results:

Salli experienced significant improvement in her hip condition following MBST treatment at the beginning of 2023. The therapy greatly enhanced her quality of life by enabling her to engage in physical activities that were previously impossible due to her condition. Specifically, MBST treatment effectively minimised Salli’s crepitus, weakness, and hip pain, and improved her mobility and flexion. Now, Salli can engage in activities such as walking, horseback riding, gardening, and yoga without experiencing any pain or discomfort. She can also perform everyday tasks such as putting on shoes and socks with ease.

“I’m now pain-free and able to get on with my life. I can walk without weakness and horse-riding is a joy again. I’ve already recommended MBST to my family and friends.”

MBST devices used

Arthro Spin Flex

The Arthro Spin Flex is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The padded bed surface is designed to efficiently and comfortably treat patients of nearly every age and size.

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