Pro Athlete Returns to Sport Pain-free & Without Surgery

Katie Chapman, now 40

Retired Professional Footballer

Katie is an ex-England World Cup footballer and ambassador for Womens football at Chelsea FC. She is also a former player for Chelsea in the FA Womens Super League. She has won the FA cup 10 times, the most any male or female footballer has achieved, and the European cup 5 league title, playing for prestigious clubs such as Fulham and Arsenal. 

She has represented England at five major international tournaments: UEFA Euros 2001, 2005 & 2009, and the 2007 & 2015 FIFA World Cups, retiring from the national team with a total of 94 caps. 

In 2016, Katie suffered a knee cartilage injury whilst playing football and had severe pain that prevented her from training daily with her teammates. She was having physiotherapy daily with the club physios, yet was showing no improvement. 

Katie was introduced to the Optimum Performance clinic in Camberley via a former Fulham FC employee and owner of the clinic, Suzanne Bowen. A dedicated sports injury therapist specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, Suzanne recommended MBST technology to regenerate Katie’s knee cartilage. 

Katie said:

When I first heard of the MBST treatment, I was unsure of how it could help me to get back to playing football and heal the wear and tear to my knee. However, I took the leap of faith because it was highly recommended by Suzanne from Optimum Performance and it was worth a try to prevent surgery.

Katie was prescribed 7 x 1-hour sessions of MBST and six weeks of recovery. 

Its crazy to me that I was able to return to football pain-free, without any form of surgery. To this day, I have had no recurrence of the injury. I have recommended the treatment to several people. MBST helped me massively to continue my sporting career, and Im grateful for that.

Katie has now retired from professional football, but she is currently the only Womens ambassador at Chelsea football club, and is a champion for change in women’s professional sport.

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Open System 350

The Open System 350 (OS350) is a flexible MBST magnetic resonance treatment unit for the targeted treatment of multiple areas and conditions. The combination of a mobile magnetic resonance unit and a comfortable chair allows efficient treatment of patients of nearly every age and size.

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