An End to Crippling Pain

Johnny Nelson, 54

Retired Professional Boxer

Sheffield-born Johnny is the longest-reigning world cruiserweight champion of all time and successfully defended his title against a record-breaking 13 opponents. Now a retired boxer, he is a boxing pundit for Sky Sports and the first ambassador of MBST Medical UK

 After suffering years of neck pain, lower back problems, and hand injuries following his sporting career, Johnny underwent MBST therapy and has seen the life-changing benefits of the treatment.

When I first came across MBST, I didn’t believe the results could be possible. I had a crippling back issue, and for at least 10 years, I was seeing different physios. I tried acupuncture, I tried every single thing going. The next step in my treatment plan was surgery, but I was able to avoid that thanks to the success of the MBST treatment. It’s mind-blowing, if I’d used it a year before I retired it would’ve given me another three to four!

 And the beauty is, anyone can benefit. For active sportsmen and women it will prolong your career and there’s nothing artificial about it. It’s getting the best from your body without putting anything into it. But it’s not just for professional athletes, it’s a fantastic treatment for anyone struggling with injuries or joint or muscle pain. I haven’t had any additional treatment in a year and feel better than ever, it literally changed my life. Hopefully through my role as ambassador we’ll be able to ensure that even more people know about it and benefit like I have.

MBST devices used

Arthro Spin Lift

The Arthro Spin Lift is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The moveable and multi-adjustable therapy device is designed to treat patients of almost any age and body size. The area requiring treatment can always be optimally positioned due to the variability of the vertically, horizontally and tilt-adjustable magnetic resonance unit.

Arthro Spin Flex

The Arthro Spin Flex is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The padded bed surface is designed to efficiently and comfortably treat patients of nearly every age and size.

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