An End to Decades of Spinal Problems

Frances (Fran) Mungovin, now 75

Brecon, Wales

In 1963, on her first day at The Royal College of Music, Fran fell down a flight of stairs, which was the start of decades of spinal problems. These problems were later exacerbated throughout her nursing career due to lifting patients.

Eventually, Frans back pain was diagnosed as Spinal Arthrosis – a condition where the cartilage between the spinal facets is worn down, causing the facets to rub against each other and damage the surrounding bone and tissue. This can be a very painful, debilitating condition, and in Frans case, she was experiencing the onset of Arthrosis in six vertebrae. 

At her worst, Fran was undergoing frequent emergency hospital admissions due to spinal spasms; she was on high levels of painkillers along with morphine and pain killing patches, and had started to use occupational therapy aids. 

Life was becoming unmanageable and very depressing as I could only see it declining further. When I woke up in the morning, my first thoughts were fear at what lay ahead.

It was shortly after Fran bought a wheelchair, as walking had become almost impossible, that her youngest daughter discovered MBST, a non-invasive cell regeneration therapy. In May 2021, Fran went to At The Core in Bath, and was prescribed a course of 9 MBST treatments for the Osteoarthritis in her spine.

After the 5th session, that Fran experienced a significant improvement in her pain levels and mobility, and two weeks after completing the MBST course of treatment, she was no longer taking Oromorph and reduced the paracetamol by half.  

I said during my treatment that it was magic, and it really is. I no longer have back pain, and I get out of bed excited to face the day instead of fearing it. Even my friends have said how much better I look – I didnt realise how much chronic pain was affecting my face and bearing. I can never be grateful enough to MBST UK and the At The Core team and my youngest daughter who started this all off.

Six months after treatment, Frans spine is completely pain-free, she is able to enjoy her hobby of gardening, all of her occupational therapy aids have been returned, and as she is no longer on morphine, she can finally enjoy a glass of wine! 

Adey, Lead Physiotherapist, At The Core, Bath, commented,

Fran was an absolute pleasure to treat. Despite her pain, she has the most amazing sense of humour. In addition to the MBST treatment, I worked with Fran on increasing her mobility and confidence through a range of exercises. The MBST enabled Fran to perform the exercises as her pain had reduced and her range of motion had improved. A little sprinkling of self-belief and there was no stopping Fran!  We are so thrilled that Fran has had such a positive experience here At The Core, enabling her to get back to doing the things she loves.

Fran concluded:

I feel so lucky to be able to live a more normal life thanks to MBST. Im able to stand and bake with my granddaughters and go out for walks, which just wasnt possible before. Im now looking at having MBST on my hip joint following a disastrous hip replacement in 2018, and am looking forward to the additional lease of life that will give me.

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The Arthro Spin Flex is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The padded bed surface is designed to efficiently and comfortably treat patients of nearly every age and size.

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