Why might I need MBST top-up sessions?

What are the reasons for a relapse?

Here are some key takeaways on reasons for needing MBST top-up sessions:

  • Relapses after MBST can occur depending on original condition and treatment duration
  • Correct diagnosis and addressing root causes, not just symptoms, prevents recurrence
  • Lifestyle changes may be required long-term for degenerative diseases like arthritis
  • Maintenance or refresher MBST is typically advised around 12 months post-treatment
  • Shorter 6-month top-ups may help depending on individual circumstances
  • Acute injuries in healthy people generally don’t need MBST follow-up sessions
  • Chronic injuries may benefit from additional cell regeneration stimulation
  • Initial MBST kickstarts self-healing processes but full healing takes time
  • It provides targeted energy so cells can repair and regain functionality
  • One course cannot immediately reverse long-term joint degeneration
  • Follow-up treatments reinforce and prolong the benefits achieved

The risk of a recurrence of a condition depends on several factors including the kind of disease and the method and/or time of treatment. A correct diagnosis is especially important in this respect because treatment can only be successful if it is definitely diagnosed what has to be treated. Otherwise, therapy success can only be temporary and a relapse is bound to occur since the actual cause has not been dealt with.

Especially when it comes to degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, if the patient doesn’t change his way of life, complaints may recur. For these cases, an MBST treatment centre offers shorter MBST treatment series for maintenance, consolidation or refreshing. These are usually recommended about 12 months after initial treatment. Depending on the circumstances, a shorter time frame might also be sensible. A patient would not need to have MBST again prior to 6 months after first initial treatment as the results should keep on improving for the first 6 months.

When we have a sports injury or accident injury, MBST top ups are not required. Perhaps if it was a Chronic injury then maybe further treatment could be required. But an acute injury, in a healthy body, no top ups or refresher courses will be required.

MBST cannot compensate overnight for damages that have developed over long periods of time. The initial treatment stimulates molecular biophysical processes with the aim of transferring energy in a targeted way into the cells. The cells need this energy to regain best possible functioning.

Written by

Elisabeth Clare

Founder and Managing Director of MBST Medical UK. Liz brings together all the health professionals using MBST devices in the UK, and continues to support them and their patients. With over 10 years of experience she is an expert in all things MBST.

December 7, 2020

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