The Guide to MBST Treatment in the East Midlands

In the evolving landscape of physiotherapy, Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) stands out as a groundbreaking development. This non-invasive treatment, utilising magnetic resonance technology, offers a beacon of hope for those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. MBST’s ability to promote cell regeneration and tissue repair without the need for surgery has revolutionised patient care in physiotherapy.

In the East Midlands, two clinics have garnered acclaim for their exceptional MBST treatment offerings: Ann Clare Physiotherapy in Stamford and Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre in Bingham. Each clinic not only offers state-of-the-art MBST technology but also brings a unique approach to patient care, blending expertise with personalised service.

This article delves into the world of these two esteemed clinics, exploring their services, the advanced MBST equipment they house, and the distinctive features that set them apart. Whether you are grappling with joint pain, recovering from a sports injury, or seeking relief from chronic conditions, understanding what these clinics offer could be your first step towards a pain-free life.

Here are 7 key takeaways on MBST treatment options in the East Midlands region:

  • MBST therapy utilises magnetic resonance technology to heal damaged tissue and cells, providing relief for musculoskeletal disorders without surgery.
  • Ann Clare Physiotherapy clinic offers 35+ years of expertise in a tranquil countryside setting along with a comprehensive suite of MBST machines.
  • Their MBST devices target back, spine, hips, arms, hands, knees and feet as well as the only full-body osteoporosis treatment bed in the UK.
  • Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre specialises in holistic wellness solutions and provides the latest MBST Arthro Spin Flex technology.
  • Oakwood focuses on identifying and treating root causes for sustainable health benefits rather than just symptom relief.
  • Both clinics offer tailored MBST treatment plans in relaxing environments to support each patient’s unique recovery journey.
  • When considering MBST therapy in the East Midlands, Ann Clare Physio and Oakwood Physio represent excellent options for care.

Ann Clare Physiotherapy, Stamford – Personalised Care in a Serene Setting

The Serenity of Tinwell, Near Stamford

Ann Clare Physiotherapy is nestled in the charming village of Tinwell, just a short drive from the historic market town of Stamford in Lincolnshire. This tranquil location, surrounded by picturesque countryside, provides a peaceful backdrop conducive to healing and recovery. The clinic’s setting in this serene environment reflects its commitment to offering a calm and comforting experience for every patient.

Overview of the Clinic: Over 35 Years of Expertise

At the helm of Ann Clare Physiotherapy is Ann Clare, a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. With over 35 years of experience in physiotherapy, Ann brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. The clinic offers a wide range of physiotherapy services, including treatment for joint pain, muscle and tendon strain, ligament injuries, prolapsed intervertebral discs, and more​​​​.

MBST Technology at Ann Clare Physiotherapy

Ann Clare Physiotherapy stands out for its comprehensive suite of MBST devices, each catering to specific treatment needs:

  • Arthro Spin Flex: This treatment bed is specially designed for areas such as the shoulder, back, spine, and hips, providing targeted relief and recovery.
  • Arthro Spin Lift: A versatile unit for treating the arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, foot, and toes, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.
  • Osteo-System: Remarkably, the clinic boasts the only full-body Osteoporosis bed in the UK, offering a unique treatment option for patients with osteoporosis​​.

Clinic’s Unique Features: A Blend of Experience and Personalised Service

Ann Clare’s approach to physiotherapy is highly personalised, focusing on delivering tailored treatment plans in a modern and comfortable setting. The clinic’s ethos revolves around understanding each patient’s unique needs, ensuring that care is not only effective but also aligns with the individual’s lifestyle and wellness goals.

Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre, Bingham – Holistic Healing in a Welcoming Town

The Charm of Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre is situated in the delightful market town of Bingham, Nottinghamshire. Known for its friendly community and picturesque surroundings, Bingham offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that extends into the clinic itself. This setting provides an ideal environment for healing, where patients can feel at ease and focused on their recovery journey.

Clinic Specialisations: A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre prides itself on offering a vast range of gold-standard services. The clinic’s therapists are dedicated to providing holistic solutions, aiming to get to the root cause of all complaints. This approach ensures long-term, sustainable solutions, rather than just temporary relief. Patients visiting Oakwood can expect a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses their overall well-being in addition to specific ailments​​.

MBST Technology at Oakwood Physiotherapy

Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre has the distinction of being the first in the UK to offer the new MBST Arthro-Spin- Flex Machine. This state-of-the-art equipment represents a significant advancement in MBST treatment, capable of addressing a wide range of common pathologies in a non-invasive and highly effective manner. The introduction of this technology at Oakwood signifies their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative treatments in physiotherapy​​.

Approach to Patient Care: Tailored and Sustainable Solutions

The clinic’s ethos is centred on understanding and treating the underlying causes of health issues, not just the symptoms. This patient-focused approach is evident in their dedication to providing bespoke care plans that ensure sustainable health benefits. The team at Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre is committed to guiding each patient through their unique path to recovery and wellness, ensuring a supportive and effective treatment experience.

Your MBST Treatment Options in the East Midlands

In the East Midlands, both Ann Clare Physiotherapy and Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre stand as exemplary providers of MBST treatment. While Ann Clare Physiotherapy in Stamford is renowned for its personal touch, extensive experience, and unique range of MBST devices, Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre in Bingham is celebrated for its holistic approach and its excellent use of the latest MBST technology.

Each clinic offers a distinct experience – whether it’s the tranquillity and pioneering MBST technology at Ann Clare Physiotherapy or the comprehensive, patient-centred approach at Oakwood Physiotherapy. The choice depends on your specific health needs and personal preferences for treatment environment and approach.

For those in the East Midlands considering MBST treatment for conditions like osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, or osteoporosis, these clinics represent the pinnacle of care and technology. We encourage you to explore their offerings, visit their websites, or get in touch directly to learn more about how they can help you on your journey to recovery and improved health.

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August 22, 2023

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