Sports and Accident Injuries

Our healthcare professionals use MBST® therapy in addition to traditional sports rehabilitation to treat Premier League footballers and Olympic athletes, reduce their recovery times and safely return them to training and competition sooner.

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Treating Muscle, Ligament & Tendon Damage

The most common injuries include those to the muscles, ligaments and tendons, and bone fractures. If muscles, ligaments or tendons get injured, they lose their functionality which can limit almost any physical activity and resilience. Such injuries often become immediately evident in the form of pain, bruises, swelling, reduced resilience, and limited flexibility and mobility. Therefore, the correct treatment and a fast and sustainable recovery are important parts of the regenerative phase.

In most cases, the injured area had suffered previous damage, resulting in the degeneration of the ligament and tendon structure due to repeated micro-traumas. Invariably the consequences affect sporting activity and everyday life.

Long-term Consequences

Smaller injuries are often underestimated. As the symptoms subside, the affected areas are placed under too much pressure and far too soon. This misjudgment can facilitate the development of chronic symptoms, which lead to long downtimes with no possibility of training or participating in competitions. Chronic injuries that form this way restrict sports activities and significantly impact the overall quality of life. In certain cases, the entire career of professional athletes can be at risk.

Acute injuries are often treated initially with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication. Plaster casts, bandages or splints are used to restrain the injured limb and are often supplemented by physiotherapy and rehabilitative measures

How MBST Treats Sports & Accident Injuries

Magnetic Resonance Therapy helps many people who have had an accident at home or work, been in a road traffic accident or suffered other forms of injury, including sports injuries.

MBST is used to successfully treat fractures, bruised bones, cartilage damage, muscle tears, tendon and ligament ruptures, and nerve damage. It targets specific cells and stimulates them into regrowth, providing active cell regeneration when the body’s self-regeneration ability is impaired due to injury. The natural healing process is enhanced with MBST treatment, speeding up the process and working with your body’s cells to stimulate the repair of the damaged area. In many cases, MBST can prevent the need for surgery and long term medication.

Returning to Sport Fast

MBST can provide a fast and safe return to training and competition by significantly reducing downtimes. Top athletes treated with the MBST therapy say that they could resume their training earlier, and were even able to win medals shortly after finishing the therapy.

The correct form of therapy is essential for a fast recovery without relapses. MBST therapy is a risk-free treatment that can reduce the chance of relapses, new injuries and long-term damage.

No Surgery

No Side Effects

No Injections

No Drugs

No I.V. Infusions

If you have sustained an injury from skiing, football, rugby, athletics, or any kind of sports injury, contact us to find out how we can help you repair it with MBST

“I want people to see their life can change. If I had used MBST about a year before I retired from boxing, it would’ve given me another 3 to 4 years in the sport, without a doubt in my mind. ”
– Johnny Nelson, retired champion boxer & MBST Medical UK ambassador

MBST Devices

For the treatment of pain
Arthro Spin Flex

MBST treatment bed for shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, double-knee

Arthro Spin Lift

MBST treatment unit for arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, foot and toes

Open System 350

MBST treatment unit for arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, foot and toes

Pro Mobil

Mobile MBST therapy system for shoulder, spine, arm, elbow, hand, finger, hip, leg, knee, feet and toes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of MBST therapy?

There have been no reported side effects of MBST therapy since it was first applied internationally in 1998.

Will I immediately feel better after treatment?

Scientific evaluations show that in more than 80% of cases, patient’s pain was significantly reduced after 3-5 therapy sessions.

How long does the effect of the MBST therapy last, and can the treatment be repeated?

MBST therapy promotes the body’s natural healing process to enhance and accelerate recovery. After an injury has been treated by MBST, additional therapy should not be necessary unless a new injury is endured.

What do experienced sports doctors say about MBST?

The MBST therapy supplements rehabilitation measures and speeds up healing processes, leading to a quick restoration of performance ability.

Is MBST available on the NHS?

MBST therapy is a private treatment and is not currently available on the NHS.

NICE recognises MBST (MRT) as a safe treatment and is registered by the MHRA. You can find our registration here.

For MBST treatment costs and further information on what to expect, please click here.

Where's my nearest MBST clinic?

With several locations around the UK, MBST Medical provides access to outstanding technology and quality care for every patient. Our facilities are operated by healthcare professionals from various disciplines, offering a range of treatments alongside the MBST process as part of their recovery and wellness programmes.

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