Real-Life Recovery with MBST and Physiotherapy

Life Changing True Stories from our Clinics

In the heart of our practice at MBST Medical, we’ve witnessed countless stories of resilience, hope, and profound transformation. Each day, individuals walk through our doors, burdened by the weight of chronic pain and the limitations of injuries that have shadowed their lives for far too long. From the gentle gardener whose passion was nearly wilted by spinal arthrosis to the vibrant athlete sidelined by an unexpected injury, their journeys of recovery are as diverse as they are inspiring.

At MBST Medical, we’re not just about treating symptoms; we’re about rekindling lives. Our approach, combining the revolutionary cell regeneration therapy of MBST with the tailored, hands-on healing of physiotherapy, has provided hope for many. In this article I want to share a glimpse into the lives of individuals who, through their courage and our care, have turned their stories of pain into narratives of renewal.

Join us as we unfold the chapters of their journeys, painting a vivid picture of the challenges they faced and the transformative moments that led them back to a life full of possibility, activity, and joy. These are not just stories of medical treatment; they are testaments to the human spirit’s resilience and the profound impact of innovative care at MBST Medical.

Image of Fran sitting comfortably after MBST treatment

Overcoming Decades of Pain: Fran’s Journey to Renewal

Fran Mungovin’s life was a symphony of achievements, marred only by a persistent, underlying dissonance of spinal pain. A fall on her first day at The Royal College of Music in 1963 set the stage for what would become a lifelong struggle with spinal issues, further exacerbated by her noble career in nursing. Fran’s dedication to helping others often came at the expense of her own health, leading to a diagnosis of Spinal Arthrosis that threatened to silence her vibrant spirit.

For Fran, the crescendo of pain reached its peak when daily life became a series of calculated movements, each one a potential trigger for debilitating spinal spasms. The once simple pleasures of life, like tending to her garden or sharing a moment of laughter with family, became distant memories. The introduction of a wheelchair marked a low point, confining her world to the boundaries of pain and immobility.

It was in this hour of need that Fran’s daughter discovered MBST, a ray of light in the dimming twilight of Fran’s independence. With a blend of hope and skepticism, Fran embarked on a course of 9 MBST treatments at At The Core in Bath, seeking solace for her ailing spine.

The turning point came after the fifth session when Fran felt a significant shift, a lifting of the heavy cloak of pain that had draped over her for years. The subsequent sessions only added to this newfound freedom, allowing Fran to gradually reduce her reliance on painkillers and reclaim movements once thought lost.

Fran’s transformation was not just physical but deeply emotional. The absence of pain brought back a sparkle to her eyes, a lightness to her step, and a joy to her heart that had been missing for too long. Her garden once again felt the tender care of her hands, and the laughter that filled her home was a testament to her remarkable recovery.

Adey, the lead physiotherapist at At The Core, saw Fran not just as a patient but as a beacon of resilience. Together, they worked on enhancing Fran’s mobility and confidence through a series of exercises, each one a step closer to her former self. The MBST treatment laid the foundation for this journey, reducing her pain and increasing her range of motion, allowing Fran to engage fully in the physiotherapy sessions.

Fran’s story is a testament to the transformative power of MBST and physiotherapy, a journey from the depths of despair to the heights of joy. It’s a reminder that with the right care and determination, the melody of life can once again be harmonious and free.

Image of Lee doing a head kick in Muay Thai training after MBST treatment

Lee Skellett’s Swift Return to the Sporting Life

Lee Skellett’s life was a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of various sports and physical activities, each strand representing his passion and zest for life. However, a competitive spirit in a downhill go-kart race abroad became the unexpected twist that led to a severe back injury, dimming the bright colours of his active lifestyle.

The pain that ensued was not just physical; it was a barrier that stood between Lee and his love for sports, a constant reminder of his vulnerability. Despite his attempts to push through the pain and continue his adventures, the reality of his condition soon became impossible to ignore. Upon his return to the UK, the advice he received was to wait for the injury to ‘fix itself,’ a suggestion that seemed like a life sentence of pain and limited mobility to someone as active as Lee.

The turning point came with the diagnosis of majorly prolapsed discs pressing on nerves in his lower spine, leading to an urgent recommendation for surgery. The prospect of a year-long recovery, with the shadow of potentially never regaining his former physical prowess, was a daunting one for Lee.

Refusing to accept this as his only path to recovery, Lee sought alternatives and discovered MBST therapy at the Cell Regeneration Clinic near Stamford. Intrigued by the potential of this non-invasive treatment to complement his post-surgery rehabilitation, Lee embarked on a journey of recovery that promised a faster return to the activities he loved.

The combination of MBST and dedicated physiotherapy sessions with Ann Clare, the clinic’s lead physiotherapist, became the catalyst for Lee’s remarkable recovery. The MBST treatments worked at a cellular level to repair the damage, while the physiotherapy sessions focused on restoring strength and mobility. The progress was astonishing; Lee’s leg lift, once severely restricted, improved dramatically, a tangible sign of his body’s healing.

Within just six weeks, Lee’s recovery had surpassed all expectations, allowing him to return to Muay Thai boxing, a feat that seemed almost miraculous compared to the initial prognosis. By the tenth week, Lee felt a resurgence of his full mobility, a victory not just over his injury but over the fear of never being able to engage in sports with the same vigour.

Lee’s story is a powerful narrative of determination, innovation, and the incredible potential of combining MBST with physiotherapy. It’s a testament to the fact that with the right treatment and support, the path to recovery can be faster and more complete than ever imagined, allowing individuals like Lee to reclaim their passion for life and sports.

Image of Steve playing golf after MBST treatment

Steve Coultas: A Lifelong Athlete’s Journey Back to the Green

Steve Coultas’s narrative is one of enduring passion for sports, marred by the relentless shadow of an old injury. A car accident in his youth not only left physical scars but also sowed the seeds of chronic pain that would challenge his active lifestyle for decades. As the years passed, what began as a manageable discomfort evolved into a formidable adversary, threatening to bench him from the sports he loved.

Working in a demanding government service role only exacerbated Steve’s condition, pushing his once-niggling ankle pain to the forefront of his daily battles. The reliance on painkillers became a necessary evil, a crutch that allowed him to hobble through his responsibilities but offered no real solution. The invasive cortisone injections, though providing temporary relief, were a stark reminder of the fragility of his condition.

The turning point came post-keyhole surgery when the relief Steve sought remained elusive, and the prospect of giving up golf and other cherished activities loomed large. It was a grim forecast for a future that Steve was not ready to accept.

In his quest for an alternative, Steve’s path led him to MBST therapy at the Cell Regeneration clinic, a decision that would mark the beginning of a remarkable transformation. The initial skepticism was soon replaced by a burgeoning hope as the MBST treatments began to weave their magic, significantly reducing his pain and reigniting the spark of his athletic spirit.

The real victory, however, was not just in the alleviation of pain but in the restoration of Steve’s identity as an athlete. The ability to swing a golf club without the specter of pain, to walk the fairways with confidence, and to engage in weight lifting and walking without the fear of repercussions was a liberation.

Steve’s journey with MBST and physiotherapy is a testament to the power of innovative, non-invasive treatments in restoring not just physical health but also the joy and freedom that come with an active lifestyle. It’s a story that resonates with anyone who has faced the prospect of giving up their passions due to injury or pain, offering hope and a potential path back to the activities that give their life meaning and joy.

Photo of Clare Webster. She's smiling at the camera and is wearing athletic gear. She looks strong and healthy.

Clare Webster: Regaining Stride on the Triathlon Track

Clare Webster’s life was a harmonious blend of professional success and athletic ambition, with her participation in sprint triathlons epitomising her dedication to fitness and competition. However, an unexpected twist during a routine gym session in 2018 sent shockwaves through her well-orchestrated life, leaving her with a severely injured ankle and a daunting prognosis that threatened to derail her athletic pursuits.

The diagnosis of damaged ATFL and CFL ligaments was a stark reminder of the fragility of physical health, casting a shadow over Clare’s aspirations and daily comfort. The recommended path of surgery, with its lengthy recovery and uncertain outcome, loomed over her like a dark cloud, echoing the challenges she had faced with a previous ACL reconstruction.

Determined to find an alternative that aligned with her dynamic lifestyle and responsibilities as a mother, Clare explored the potential of MBST therapy. Her decision to embark on this treatment was driven by the hope of a less invasive solution that promised quicker recovery without the daunting prospect of surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

The impact of MBST therapy on Clare’s recovery was nothing short of transformative. Within weeks, the pain that had once seemed an insurmountable barrier began to recede, allowing her to reclaim the mobility and strength that were integral to her identity. The therapy not only facilitated a rapid return to her active routine but also rekindled her competitive spirit, enabling her to once again envision herself crossing triathlon finish lines.

Clare’s journey with MBST therapy is a powerful narrative of resilience and innovation, highlighting the potential of modern medical treatments to restore not just physical health but also the sense of possibility and ambition that injuries can diminish. Her story serves as an inspiring testament to the effectiveness of MBST in addressing sports-related injuries, offering athletes and fitness enthusiasts a beacon of hope for overcoming physical setbacks and returning to the activities they love.

Photo of Salli Deighton kissing her horse in a wooded area.

Salli Deighton: Riding High with Renewed Hope

Salli Deighton’s life was a rich tapestry of outdoor passions, from horseback riding to managing a smallholding and caring for rescued animals. However, the onset of osteoarthritis in her right hip began to erode the joy from these activities, introducing pain and mobility issues that threatened to dismount her from her beloved equestrian pursuits.

The journey through various treatments, from physiotherapy to pain medication and even a steroid injection, felt like navigating a labyrinth with no exit in sight. The diagnosis of a narrowing joint space only compounded her frustration, casting a long shadow over her active lifestyle and the connection with her horses that she cherished deeply.

Having spent a career in the medical field, particularly orthopaedics, Salli was no stranger to the array of treatments available. Yet, it was the innovative promise of MBST (Molecular Biophysics Stimulation Therapy) that caught her attention, offering a glimmer of hope where traditional methods had fallen short.

The decision to undergo MBST treatment marked a pivotal chapter in Salli’s story. The therapy’s impact was profound, not just in alleviating the symptoms of osteoarthritis but in restoring the essence of her active life. The crepitus, weakness, and pain that had once been constant companions began to fade, replaced by a renewed strength and flexibility that felt like a reawakening.

Salli’s return to horseback riding, gardening, and yoga was more than just a physical recovery; it was a reclaiming of joy and freedom that had been dulled by pain. The ability to engage fully in her passions without the spectre of discomfort looming over her was a liberation, a testament to the transformative potential of MBST.

Her story is a vivid illustration of how innovative treatments like MBST can redefine the boundaries of recovery, turning the tide on conditions like osteoarthritis that once seemed insurmountable. For Salli and many others, MBST has opened up a realm of possibilities, allowing them to ride high once again on the waves of their passions, unbridled by pain.

Photo of Judith Henstock with her grandson on her lap. She's happy and smiling at the camera.

Judith Henstock: A New Chapter Free from Back Pain

Judith Henstock’s retirement years in the picturesque village of Kings Cliffe were overshadowed by a relentless companion: chronic lower back pain, compounded by L3 sciatica. This unwelcome guest was a direct consequence of her battle with high blood sugar diabetes, turning everyday activities into Herculean tasks. Despite exploring various treatment avenues, including osteopathy and acupuncture, relief was fleeting, and the specter of a back decompression operation loomed large, threatening her independence and quality of life.

In a twist of fate, 2023 became the year of transformation for Judith, thanks to a recommendation from her doctor to explore MBST treatment. With a mix of hope and uncertainty, she embarked on a series of nine sessions, each one a step towards the possibility of a life less defined by pain and limitation.

The impact of MBST on Judith’s life was profound and immediate. The stiffness that once dictated her movements began to ease, and the chronic pain that had been a constant backdrop to her days started to fade into the background. Activities that had become daunting, like walking across local fields or enjoying a swim, were once again within reach, painting her days with strokes of normalcy and freedom she had longed for.

Judith’s journey with MBST is a poignant reminder of the power of innovative medical treatments to not only alleviate physical symptoms but to restore a sense of normalcy and autonomy to those affected by chronic conditions. Her story, marked by a significant improvement in mobility and the disappearance of pain, is a testament to the potential of MBST to offer a non-surgical path to recovery and well-being.

For Judith and many like her, MBST has not just been a treatment; it has been a gateway to a new chapter of life, one where pain no longer dictates the narrative, allowing her to embrace each day with renewed vigor and optimism.

Photo of Simon Gleave with his bike at the end of a trail through a mountain range with a lake at the foot of the mountains.

Simon Gleave: A Journey of Resilience Across Continents

Simon Gleave’s story is a testament to human resilience and the relentless pursuit of healing against all odds. A retired banking finance professional, Simon’s life took an unexpected turn following a severe cycling accident in China. The aftermath was a harrowing tale of survival, marked by 10 broken ribs, a shattered shoulder, and a series of 11 surgeries that included major chest reconstructions and nerve transplants. The physical trauma was compounded by severe intercostal neuralgia, leaving Simon in a state of chronic pain, reliant on wheelchairs and Zimmer frames for mobility.

The journey to recovery seemed insurmountable, with each attempted treatment offering only a glimmer of relief. From acupuncture to nerve ablation surgeries, Simon explored every avenue with the hope of reclaiming a semblance of his former life. It was within this context of relentless pursuit that Simon discovered MBST treatment, a beacon of hope in a landscape marred by pain and limited mobility.

The decision to undergo MBST treatment was a leap of faith, driven by the desire for a better quality of life and the possibility of engaging once again in the physical activities that defined Simon’s identity. The results were nothing short of miraculous. A year post-treatment, Simon’s endurance and mobility had improved dramatically, allowing him to undertake 20km hikes and 60km bike rides, activities that once seemed relegated to the realm of the impossible.

Simon’s recovery journey is a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity through innovation and determination. The significant reduction in neurological pain and the restoration of his ability to engage in hiking and cycling are not just medical successes; they represent the reclamation of freedom and the joy of movement.

Simon’s story underscores the transformative potential of MBST treatment, offering a message of hope and possibility to those facing seemingly insurmountable physical challenges. It’s a reminder that with the right treatment and unwavering spirit, the journey back to health and vitality is not just a dream, but an achievable reality.

Success Through MBST and Physiotherapy

The stories of Fran, Lee, Steve, Clare, Salli, Judith, and Simon are individual threads in a rich tapestry that illustrates the transformative power of MBST and physiotherapy. Each narrative, from Fran’s return to her beloved garden to Simon’s remarkable recovery enabling him to embrace the great outdoors once again, showcases the profound impact these treatments can have on lives touched by pain and physical limitation.

At MBST Medical, we are privileged to witness these journeys of renewal, where innovative treatments like MBST, coupled with the personalised care of physiotherapy, offer more than just relief; they provide a pathway back to the joys and passions that define our existence. These stories are not just about overcoming injury but about reclaiming the essence of life itself.

Fran’s laughter in her garden, Lee’s triumphant return to the boxing ring, Steve’s strides on the golf course, Clare’s renewed vigor in triathlons, Salli’s joyful rides, Judith’s newfound mobility, and Simon’s adventurous spirit are testaments to the resilience of the human spirit and the potential of modern medicine to support that resilience.

As we share these stories, our aim is not just to highlight the successes of our treatments but to offer hope to those who may be facing their own challenges. Whether you’re an athlete sidelined by injury, someone struggling with chronic pain, or anyone in between, the message is clear: there is a path forward.

At MBST Medical, we’re committed to being part of your journey, offering treatments that go beyond symptom management to address the root causes of pain and immobility. If you see yourself in any of these stories, or if you’re seeking a way back to the activities and life you love, we’re here to help guide you through your own story of renewal.

The journeys of Fran, Lee, Steve, Clare, Salli, Judith, and Simon are but a few examples of what’s possible. Let their stories inspire you to take the first step towards your own transformation.

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