Postsurgical Pain

Surgery has a massive impact on the surrounding tissue, often leading to postsurgical pain, which can impede normal wound healing processes. The pain reaction following surgery helps to prevent premature weight-bearing. If the pain is too severe, it can lead to a stress reaction and impair mobilisation and breathing, causing complications.

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Post Surgery Treatments with MBST

MBST® provides a scientifically based, non-invasive treatment and has enabled many patients to postpone, defer or avoid scheduled surgery. By stimulating damaged cells and increasing their metabolism, MBST offers regenerative and pain-relieving effects that could prevent the need for a surgical procedure.

Unfortunately, surgery can sometimes be unavoidable, depending on the severity of a condition, and undergoing surgery is often followed by a long rehabilitation period.

MBST helps many patients to recover more quickly and effectively following surgical procedures, including the treatment of nerve damage. Magnetic Resonance Therapy is used alongside physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and sports therapy at specialist clinics around the UK to facilitate the rehabilitation process that follows major or minor surgery.

MBST as Post-surgery Treatment

The regenerative approach of MBST therapy is the ideal complement to post-surgery and post-hospitalisation treatment strategies. The accelerated recovery of full physical strength helps the patient resume physical activities sooner, enabling a safe return to daily activities and chosen hobbies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of MBST therapy?

There have been no reported side effects of MBST therapy since it was first applied internationally in 1998.

Will I immediately feel better after treatment?

Scientific evaluations show that in more than 80% of cases, patient’s pain was significantly reduced after 3-5 therapy sessions.

How long does the effect of the MBST therapy last, and can the treatment be repeated?

MBST therapy promotes the body’s natural healing process to enhance and accelerate recovery. After an injury has been treated by MBST, additional therapy should not be necessary unless a new injury is endured.

Is MBST available on the NHS?

MBST therapy is a private treatment and is not currently available on the NHS.

NICE recognises MBST (MRT) as a safe treatment and is registered by the MHRA. You can find our registration here.

For MBST treatment costs and further information on what to expect, please click here.

Where's my nearest MBST clinic?

With several locations around the UK, MBST Medical provides access to outstanding technology and quality care for every patient. Our facilities are operated by healthcare professionals from various disciplines, offering a range of treatments alongside the MBST process as part of their recovery and wellness programmes.

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