MBST Treatment In London – Where should you turn?

What are the Best MBST Treatment Options in London?

When it comes to tackling challenging conditions like osteoarthritis or soft tissue injuries, the role of innovative treatments becomes crucial. That’s where Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) shines, a breakthrough in non-invasive medical treatments. Utilising the principles of magnetic resonance, MBST offers a comforting promise – effective care without the drawbacks of invasive procedures.

In London, a city known for its advanced healthcare options, three MBST providers have distinguished themselves: Ashdown Clinic in the picturesque setting of Hertfordshire, At The Core nestled in vibrant Primrose Hill, and Six Physio located in the prestigious area of Chelsea. Each of these clinics not only brings cutting-edge MBST treatment to the table but also a unique blend of expertise, patient care, and a deep commitment to improving lives.

As we delve into the world of MBST treatment options in and around London, this article aims to be your guide, giving you an in-depth look at these clinics. Whether you’re considering MBST for yourself or a loved one, we want to equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed choice. Let’s explore what makes these London clinics the go-to destinations for MBST treatment.

Here are the key takeaways from the article comparing MBST treatment options in London:

  • For those seeking non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) in London, three clinics stand out: Ashdown Clinic in Hertfordshire, At The Core in Primrose Hill, and Six Physio in Chelsea.
  • Ashdown Clinic offers a tranquil, holistic healing environment and a collaborative team approach to care. At The Core specialises in arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions with a modern setting. Six Physio brings prestige and medical expertise to MBST treatment.
  • Each clinic provides access to advanced MBST technology like the Arthro Spin Flex treatment bed. This facilitates effective, tailored therapy for issues involving the back, spine, joints and discs in areas like the shoulder, hip and knee.
  • Real patient testimonials showcase profound improvements in mobility, pain relief and quality of life from MBST treatment at all three clinics. This underscores their proficiency in delivering personalised care.
  • When selecting a provider, consider your medical needs as well as preferences for factors like location, setting, and treatment approach. Chelsea, Primrose Hill and the Hertfordshire countryside each offer unique backdrops.
  • Detailed FAQs provide insights into session logistics, post-treatment protocols and condition-specific suitability. Further one-on-one discussions are recommended to determine the optimal clinic.
  • For those seeking innovative MBST treatment in or near London, these three providers offer exceptional expertise, advanced technology and transformation experiences to aid recovery.

Ashdown Clinic, Hertfordshire – A Haven of Holistic Healing

A Charming Clinic in Stunning Hertfordshire

Ok, so this superb clinic isn’t technically in London, however, it is as close as it gets and easily accessible from the capital. As such it should be well worth your consideration. Nestled in the serene setting of Hertfordshire, Ashdown Clinic is more than just a healthcare centre; it’s a tranquil retreat. This picturesque area, known for its lush green landscapes and historic landmarks, sets the perfect backdrop for a healing journey. Hertfordshire offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of London, making Ashdown Clinic an ideal choice for those seeking treatment in a calming environment.

Overview of Services: Comprehensive Care at Your Service

At Ashdown Clinic, the range of services extends beyond MBST treatments. Since its establishment in 1976, the clinic has been a pioneering multi-disciplinary health care centre. Here, you can expect a holistic approach to treatment, encompassing services from massage to osteopathy, podiatry to reflexology. The clinic prides itself on treating not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of your health issues.

MBST therapy here is celebrated for addressing conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, and various soft tissue injuries. The clinic’s use of MBST exemplifies its commitment to innovative, non-invasive treatments that enhance your quality of life without discomfort​​.

Team Approach & Expertise: A Collaborative Path to Wellness

What sets Ashdown Clinic apart is its team-based approach. Unlike individual therapists operating in isolation, the clinic boasts a team of specialist practitioners who work in unison, sharing knowledge and skills to enhance your recovery journey. This collaborative model ensures a comprehensive and integrated treatment plan for each patient​​.

Their friendly and informal approach, rooted in years of medical experience, complements mainstream medicine. Working closely with GPs and consultants, many of whom refer patients directly, Ashdown Clinic stands as a testament to time-honoured, trusted, quality care.

Patient Testimonials & Case Studies: Stories of Transformation

Ashdown Clinic’s impact is best illustrated through its patients’ experiences. From significant relief in chronic conditions to substantial improvements in mobility and pain management, patient stories reflect the clinic’s effectiveness in transforming lives. These testimonials underscore the clinic’s ability to tailor treatments to individual needs, ensuring a personal and effective healing journey for each patient.

Ashdown Clinic – MBST Devices Onsite

At Ashdown Clinic, patients have access to advanced MBST devices, ensuring a comprehensive range of treatments for various conditions. The clinic houses:

  • Arthro Spin Flex: This MBST treatment bed is designed for treating areas such as the shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, and double-knee. It’s specifically tailored to address issues in these regions, providing targeted relief and recovery.
  • Pro Mobil: This is a mobile MBST therapy system that can be used for an extensive range of body parts including the shoulder, spine, arm, elbow, hand, finger, hip, leg, knee, feet, and toes. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for treating a wide variety of conditions​​.

At The Core, Primrose Hill, London – Pioneering MBST Therapy in the Capital’s Northwest

A Blend of Inner City Serenity and Urban Sophistication

At The Core is located just north of London’s famous Regents Park, in the vibrant and upscale neighbourhood of Primrose Hill. Known for its sweeping views of the city, chic cafes, and lively cultural scene, Primrose Hill offers a unique setting for a clinic focused on cutting-edge treatment. This area, blending tranquility with metropolitan energy, provides an ideal environment for healing and rejuvenation.

Clinic Specialisations: Tailored Treatment in a Modern Setting

Established in 2021 by Clare Kelvin and her team, At The Core is a physiotherapy and wellbeing clinic specialising in arthritis, inflammation, rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal conditions. The clinic’s use of MBST magnetic resonance therapy, a pioneering technology initially uncovered and developed in Germany, demonstrates its commitment to offering advanced treatment options​​. At The Core boasts an impressive track record of safety and effectiveness, with absolutely zero reported side effects​​ from the wide range of non-invasive treatments on offer.

Real-life Patient Experiences: Testimonials that Speak Volumes

The true measure of At The Core’s success lies in its patient stories. From sports professionals overcoming injuries to individuals managing chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, the testimonials paint a picture of hope and recovery. Patients have reported remarkable improvements in pain relief, mobility, and overall quality of life, thanks to the MBST therapy and the comprehensive care plan tailored by the clinic’s experts​​.

These narratives not only highlight the clinic’s proficiency in MBST therapy but also its ability to deeply understand and respond to each patient’s unique health journey.

At The Core, Primrose Hill – MBST Devices Onsite

At The Core, Primrose Hill is equipped with state-of-the-art MBST devices, facilitating effective treatment for a variety of conditions:

  • Arthro Spin Flex: Similar to Ashdown Clinic, this MBST treatment bed is used for areas like the shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, and double-knee. Its specialised design aids in the treatment of these specific areas.
  • Arthro Spin Lift: This MBST treatment unit is geared towards treating the arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, foot, and toes. The inclusion of this device ensures comprehensive care for patients, covering a wide range of bodily areas​​.

Six Physio, Chelsea, London – Excellence in Physiotherapy and MBST Treatment

MBST right in the heart of Chelsea – A Touch of Prestige and Excellence

Six Physio, located in the heart of Chelsea, is synonymous with high standards and quality care. Chelsea, one of London’s most affluent and fashionable districts, is known for its luxurious boutiques, exquisite restaurants, and grand architecture. This prestigious backdrop reflects the clinic’s commitment to providing top-tier healthcare services in an environment that speaks of excellence and sophistication.

Expertise & Research: A Foundation of Trust and Credibility

At Six Physio, MBST therapy is a cornerstone of their treatment repertoire, addressing a range of conditions from osteoarthritis to soft tissue injuries. Under the management of renowned Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and ex-England International rugby player, Mr. Jonathan Webb, MBST London at Six Physio stands at the forefront of innovative treatment. The clinic’s involvement in ongoing research and its collaboration with leading universities and medical professionals further solidify its position as a trusted centre for MBST therapy​​​​.

Treatment Journey: Personalised Care from Start to Finish

The treatment process at Six Physio is meticulously planned. Each MBST therapy session is tailored to the patient’s needs, with a recommendation of nine sessions for optimal results. Post-treatment, patients are advised on activities and exercises that aid in maximising the therapy’s benefits while avoiding any strain that could diminish results​​.

MBST London, Chelsea – MBST Devices Onsite

MBST London, located at Six Physio in Chelsea, offers advanced MBST treatment with the following device:

Arthro Spin Flex: This device at MBST London is used for the treatment of the shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, and double knee. Its presence in the clinic underscores its commitment to providing top-notch care for a range of musculoskeletal conditions​​.

Choosing the Right MBST Provider in London

Each of the three MBST providers in London – Ashdown Clinic in Hertfordshire, At The Core in Primrose Hill, and Six Physio in Chelsea – offers a unique blend of expertise, care, and advanced treatment options. While Ashdown Clinic stands out for its holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and serene setting, At The Core in Primrose Hill brings a modern, specialised focus on arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. On the other hand, Six Physio in Chelsea combines cutting-edge MBST technology with luxurious care in one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

When choosing the right provider for MBST treatment, it’s important to consider not only the specific medical needs but also the kind of environment and approach that resonates most with you. Whether it’s the tranquil surroundings of Hertfordshire, the urban chic of Primrose Hill, or the sophisticated charm of Chelsea, each clinic has its unique attributes to offer.

FAQs for Each Clinic

To assist in making an informed decision, each clinic provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions about MBST treatment, including session details, post-treatment care, and suitability.

For those considering MBST treatment, these three clinics represent the best London has to offer. We encourage you to visit their websites or contact them directly for more information, to discuss your specific needs, and to schedule an appointment. Embrace the path to recovery and improved quality of life with the leading MBST treatment providers in London.

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November 6, 2023

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