Maintenance Therapy – Why MBST Top-up Sessions Can be Beneficial

Once a patient has completed a course of MBST treatment, it can sometimes be useful to have a short course of top-up sessions several months or years later. 

Here are the key takeaways on the benefits of MBST maintenance therapy:

  • Follow-up MBST top-up sessions can reinforce healing, prevent relapses and avoid recurring pain issues.
  • Maintenance therapy typically involves fewer treatments than original courses, personalised to patients’ conditions.
  • Some patients may not require ongoing top-ups, but they can be crucial for managing chronic musculoskeletal diseases.
  • MBST only interacts with damaged cells, so additional targeted treatments proactively prevent further damage.
  • Regular MBST check-ups, like a body MOT, enable early intervention for any minor pain before major issues develop.
  • The need for maintenance sessions depends on factors like patients’ lifestyle and type of injury/condition.
  • Diseases like osteoarthritis may need lifelong management, but quality of life can still be vastly improved.
  • For one-off injuries, top-ups likely aren’t necessary unless complications turn into chronic conditions.

Seeking medical attention from your GP can be helpful in the first instance, but an MBST professional can also offer specific and targeted treatment if it’s for a recurring problem you’ve been advised on before. 

Not every patient will need any follow-up treatment sessions, but for some, maintenance therapy can help stop a joint or pain issue from exacerbating. 

An MBST top-up course will refresh the cells and encourage them to heal before further treatment or surgery is needed.

Image of the MBST treatment cards used in the devices
MBST Treatment Cards

The benefits of MBST top-ups

To keep seeing the benefits of MBST treatment, a follow-up appointment with the MBST specialist can help prevent relapse by reducing the risk of a condition returning, even when the pain and symptoms have improved.

If your MBST specialist does recommend maintenance therapy, courses invariably consist of fewer sessions than the original course of treatment, typically five or seven sessions. It’s always important to speak to your healthcare professional and your MBST treatment centre to discuss whether or not top-ups would be necessary for you and your condition.

Not every patient will need top-ups but they can prove hugely effective in ensuring pain doesn’t return and you can stay fit, mobile and active.

Returning pain can happen, but it can be treated again

In many cases, patients will finish their course of MBST treatment and be able to live pain-free and with improved mobility, which for those who have spent years with issues, can be life-changing.

For some patients, their conditions can sometimes return several years after the initial MBST treatment and they will need to bear in mind that consulting an MBST professional might be the best course of action.

A relapse can be dependent on several factors within an individual patient’s circumstances, including:

  • The kind of musculoskeletal disease they have 
  • The method used to treat their issue, and when treatment was last given
  • The patient’s individual needs or way of life

In severe cases, conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis may require regular treatment, particularly as there are no known cures for them. Whilst they can’t be fully cured, they can be managed to ensure patients can stay active and mobile and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

For patients who have sports injuries, the initial injury or concern wouldn’t need top-ups unless it evolves to become a musculoskeletal condition.

Proactive prevention can help

Having check-ups or review sessions several weeks or months after MBST treatment makes it possible to discover renewed damages so that relapses may be prevented.

With MBST treatment only interacting with damaged cells, a top-up course is preventative by helping patients with long-standing problems that require maintenance and regular reviews.

Some of our patients come for check-ups every couple of years, treating it as a body MOT! This routine check on their musculoskeletal health means any niggling pain or issues can be dealt with by a medical professional who can deliver the appropriate MBST treatment to make a difference.

Speak to the experts

Get in contact to speak with the expert team at MBST Medical UK who can discuss how to help you enjoy an active, pain-free life and how a course of top-up treatments could benefit you.

Written by

Charles Clare

Technical Director of MBST Medical UK. Charles assembles the MBST devices when they arrive in the UK. With over 10 years of experience working directly with the MBST, Charles is the top expert in how and why the technology works.

March 3, 2023

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