Five reasons why MBST is the perfect gift (and the studies to prove it)

Giving the gift of a pain-free life is priceless. Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the various ways Magnetic Resonance Therapy is effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and the benefits it can offer.

Here are additional key takeaways on the proven benefits of MBST therapy:

  • Clinical trials show over 60-80% overall improvement, halving of pain levels and maximum sustainable results within 8 weeks for osteoarthritis patients.
  • MBST stimulates natural regeneration of cartilage, bone, muscle, ligaments and tendons – providing lasting relief by treating root causes.
  • Studies reveal MBST enables significantly better function for daily activities like walking, sitting and self-care while improving sleep quality.
  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts benefit from MBST eliminating pain issues that impede their training, mobility and enjoyment of their passions.
  • MBST therapy has been found to increase cartilage thickness by over 30% – preventing future joint problems and mobility limitations.
  • Unlike pain medications, MBST provides lasting pain relief for months/years by kickstarting the body’s own healing and growth processes.
  • Clinical evidence shows MBST can delay or even avoid invasive surgical procedures in advanced cases by restoring joint health.

1) Freedom from pain

Acute or chronic pain are two main reasons our patients seek help from our many MBST Medical UK clinics. Often that pain has become unbearable and severely affects their daily lives and mental well-being.

MBST therapy is the only treatment to work at a cellular level, taking a holistic and integrated approach to help relieve discomfort and increase mobility. The MBST approach also stimulates the regeneration of cartilage, bone, muscle, ligament and tendon formation, treating the source of the issue from a musculoskeletal injury or disease.

Statistical analysis of clinical trials with patients with osteoarthritis who were treated with MBST magnetic resonance therapy shows several changes after an MBST cycle of 5 or 7 days:
• overall improvement of more than 60% up to 80%
• pain reduction to about 50%
• constant decrease in intensity and frequency of pain
• Maximum result for all achievement set in 8 weeks to 6 months after the therapy and lasted sustainably for 1 year.

*A new concept of an integrated holistic approach in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal diseases The “BAR” method.

2) A potential prevention from surgery

Patients often discover MBST therapy when facing surgery and are desperate to find alternative options.

Many patients who seek out MBST Medical UK clinics are suffering from crippling pain as a result of a sports-related injury or degenerative musculoskeletal condition, or they’re unable to keep doing a sport or activity they love because of the continued pain or discomfort.

MBST can offer significant success for those with osteoarthritis or torn cartilage or joint tissue. Studies show a significant improvement in the condition is especially common in elderly patients with an advanced stage of osteoarthritis. In many cases, total endoprosthetic joint replacement can be delayed for years or even avoided completely. Hardly any other conservative method of treatment with similar results is known to date.

*Analysis of the long-term effects of MBST magnetic resonance therapy for gonarthrosis
(Van Laack et al. – 2011)

3) Keeping mobile and active for longer

Many of our patients find their injury or condition has diminished their enjoyment of sports, being active and even life in general. They find themselves dealing with severe pain every day and often can’t be as mobile and active as they want to be.

MBST therapy can give patients the gift of time. Studies have shown that everyday activities can be hugely improved and pain significantly reduced after a course of treatment.

MBST therapy allows many of the patients we see to feel like their active and fitness-loving former selves, including our celebrity ambassador Johnny Nelson. He described MBST therapy as “mindblowing”.

“If I’d used it a year before I retired it would’ve given me another three to four years of boxing!”

– Johnny Nelson, Former Undefeated WBO World Champion

*Functional Improvement in Finger Joint Arthrosis by Therapeutic Use of Magnetic Resonance
(Kullich et al., 2008)

4) Better sleep through pain relief

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise, improving brain performance, mood, and overall health. Long-term lower back pain leads to patients being unable to get a good night’s sleep. Studies by Kullich demonstrate a significant improvement in sleep disorders that were caused by lower back pain which could be observed only a few days after receiving MBST therapy. These patients could still benefit from improved sleep quality even after 3 months.

The same studies clearly show functional improvements for everyday activities such as walking, sitting, lifting, travelling, personal care and quality of sleep after the magnetic resonance treatment series.

*Effect of MBST magnetic resonance therapy on low back pain
(Kullich – 2007)

5) Treating the cause and preventing future issues

MBST therapy treats the root cause of a condition. MBST Medical UK patients invariably find that after a course of treatment they no longer need to use painkillers or struggle with debilitating pain which, for many of them, they have coped with for years. Just like Steve, who was recently featured in the Daily Mirror, sharing his story of how MBST saved him after years of taking up to 20 painkillers a day.  

MBST does more than tackle pain and can prevent future issues by helping to regenerate various tissues.

Studies have seen thicker and healthier cartilage after MBST therapy, which means pain and mobility issues can be prevented for longer. In 2000, Frobose (et al) found that MRI images of the knee joint taken 3 months after MBST showed a highly significant increase in thickness, volume (more than 30%) and area of the cartilage structures.

*Regeneration of cartilage structures in cases of gonarthrosis
(Frobose et al – 2000)

Speak to the experts

If you would like to know more about the numerous studies involving Magnetic Resonance Therapy, or if you wish to find out more about how MBST therapy can help to treat your condition, please get in contact to speak with an MBST Medical UK healthcare professional.

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December 19, 2022

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