Did MBST help my burn to heal at a faster rate?

Here are some key takeaways if you’re short on time:

  • The author stumbled into a fire pit, burning her left hand and arm
  • She received emergency hospital care with regular wound dressings
  • After starting 9 sessions of MBST therapy, the burn healing accelerated
  • Just 5 days after an MBST treatment, her palm showed incredible improvement
  • In 2 weeks since the accident, the burn reduced significantly due to MBST
  • MBST stimulated quicker cell regeneration for faster healing
  • The author regained use of her dominant hand sooner than expected
  • She credits MBST for minimizing infection risk and speeding recovery
  • Her experience demonstrates MBST’s efficacy in treating burns and wounds
  • The non-invasive therapy promoted rapid healing without side effects

At the very end of the day on 30th May / very early hours of 31st the May, I stumbled into a lit fire pit.

This was not one of my proudest moments and of course at the time it caused me a lot of pain, however, the damage was not as bad as it could have been.

I am thankful that it was not any other part of my body other than my left arm and hand. I am left-handed, therefore restricted for a week or so. The main desire for wanting it to heal quickly was obviously to prevent infection, but mainly so I could do what I love, ride horses, do yoga and cook!

I attended the hospital where the care was fantastic. This is what it looked like whilst I waited for my first appointment on Monday 1st June (the burn is 1 day old).

The Doctor instructed the Nurses to cut my blisters to prevent infection. I was informed that I would need the wound redressing twice a week at the outpatients department.

On Tuesday 2nd June. I started the first of 9 treatments of MBST wound healing to my arm. The burn is 2 days old. On Thursday 4th June, when I attended the hospital for a redress it looked like this.

A swab was taken to make sure that the wound was not infected. (4 day burn)

Over the weekend I had a break from MBST and I kept the dressings covered. Monday 8th June. One week after the first hospital visit –

As it was drying up nicely. I went home with a loose dressing and I could start to wash the wound- which was such a relief as it was very itchy. On this day I also had an MBST session. I felt a lot of tremendous aching after the MBST sessions. Wednesday 10th June was my last visit to the hospital.

I was discharged as my focus needed to be plenty of moisturiser.

The MBST sessions continued and this is the stage where I am most impressed. Remember the last palm photo…. I give you 5 days later……..and 2 weeks and one day since I had the accident. The differences in the last 2 photographs are incredible if you ask me!

What do you think?

Written by

Elisabeth Clare

Founder and Managing Director of MBST Medical UK. Liz brings together all the health professionals using MBST devices in the UK, and continues to support them and their patients. With over 10 years of experience she is an expert in all things MBST.

June 27, 2020

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