Cyclist Overcomes Multiple Surgeries & Severe Trauma

Simon Gleave, 60

British Citizen, Living in China

Simon Gleave, a 60-year-old retired banking finance professional living in China, faced a life-altering challenge after a cycling-related road accident left him with 10 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and other significant injuries. After undergoing 11 surgeries, including 3 major chest reconstruction operations and two nerve transplants to the right shoulder axial and supra scapula nerves, he suffered from severe intercostal neuralgia for three years, leading to dependence on wheelchairs and Zimmer frames. Neurological complications, including temporary paralysis and heart neurological problems, further complicated his condition.

Before MBST treatment, Simon tried various methods, such as acupuncture and nerve ablation surgeries, but found only limited relief. In 2022, he opted for MBST treatment to regain a better quality of life and address his neurological pain.

A year after MBST treatment, Simon’s mobility and endurance significantly improved:

“Before I started MBST I could just about cope with a 7-minute walk. Now one year later I’m doing 20km hikes and 60km bike rides.”

The most positive impact was the substantial reduction in neurological pain, enhancing his day-to-day activities and overall well-being. MBST enabled him to engage in physical activities like hiking and cycling which seemed impossible after the accident.

“MBST has been a life-changing treatment for me”

Having experienced monumental benefits, Simon wholeheartedly recommends MBST treatment to others facing similar challenges. He is currently undergoing another round of treatment and is delighted with the support and progress achieved at the clinic.

MBST devices used

Arthro Spin Flex

The Arthro Spin Flex is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The padded bed surface is designed to efficiently and comfortably treat patients of nearly every age and size.

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