Young and Fit … with a Severe and Painful, Back Injury

Lee Skellett (33)

Stamford, UK

Lee, a young man in his thirties who participated in many different sporting and exercise activities, was travelling abroad in 2017 and very much enjoying life.

He’d had an intermittent back issue for a number of years but it was during his travels that Lee really ‘threw his back out’ whilst he had his foot to the floor in a particularly competitive down hill go-kart race.

Unable to move

It became increasingly painful, very quickly, so much so that Lee could barely move for weeks after the incident. Despite the pain, Lee knew he had to move as he desperately wanted to enjoy his trip of a lifetime, so he grit his teeth and carried on.

On his return to the UK, he was told by Doctors that it would ‘fix itself … eventually’, but as he was waking every two hours during the night to self-medicate with ever present Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, Lee decided enough was enough.

Surgery was prescribed

Through an MRI, an NHS consultant diagnosed that Lee had majorly prolapsed discs which were pressing on nerves in his lower spine, and fast tracked him for surgery.

He was advised to nurture his injury following his operation and NHS physiotherapy and that full mobility would return with time.  The estimate was 10 to 12 months.

As a young and active individual Lee was devastated at the thought of being so limited for a year, he knew his hard won fitness would deteriorate even further and that it could take years to get back to pre-injury levels. 

Lee’s severely prolapsed L5/S1 disc (circled in blue)
What else could be done?

Lee did his research and discovered MBST therapy at the Cell Regeneration Clinic near Stamford, Lincolnshire.

On speaking to the clinic about the technology he decided that he wanted to add MBST therapy, as well as private physiotheraphy sessions with Ann Clare, the clinics lead physiotherapist, into his post-sugery recovery process.

Lee had regular physio sessions along with a 9 hour course of MBST treatment and the results were superb.

During his initial physiotherapy treatment Lee could only manage to lift his left leg some 30˚ from the treatment couch and his right leg 45˚. However, after MBST and further physio, he was able to double his leg lift levels in a very short space of time.  

Recovery time reduced by 75%

His recovery accelerated far beyond his expectations, and those of his consultant.  Within just six weeks he felt sufficiently fit and pain free to return to Muay Thai boxing and within 10 weeks felt that he had complete mobility back again.

Today, Lee states that he will still get an occasional ache but has not experienced any nerve pain since his treatment. He now absolutely recommends MBST to anyone with any issues for which MBST is suitable.  He said,

It really is a no brainer and I’d have no hesitation in recommending MBST therapy to anyone looking to get their life and mobility back.

Lee, training at his local Muay Thai gym and hitting his goal of a headkick post surgery.

MBST devices used

Arthro Spin Flex

The Arthro Spin Flex is part of the latest generation of MBST devices used to treat multiple areas and conditions. The padded bed surface is designed to efficiently and comfortably treat patients of nearly every age and size.

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