Atlas Physio

Health Profession: Physiotherapist

Atlas Physio, led by chartered physiotherapist Matt Maniakowski, offers advanced therapies in York. Matt combines his diverse experience from around the world to provide tailored treatments. With a focus on sports injuries, neurological conditions, and post-surgery rehabilitation, Atlas Physio’s services include manual therapy, sports massage, and ultrasound treatments.

The Raylor Centre
James Street
YO10 3DW

07849 375 045

MBST Devices

Atlas Physio has the following MBST devices at its premises:
Arthro Spin Flex

MBST treatment bed for shoulder, back, spine, intervertebral discs, hip, leg, double-knee

Arthro Spin Lift

MBST treatment unit for arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, foot and toes

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